Recital information


4PM & 7PM

April 18, 2020

Dress Rehearsal: April 15, 2020 from 7pm-8pm

At Hanson Auditorium in Manchester, Iowa

The recital is the conclusion of the dance season. Each class will present a routine in each subject they take and will wear a costume that compliments their routine.

 It is optional as it does involve extra cost as stated below. It is a great learning experience for those who participate as well as a chance for parents, grandparents, and others to see what the dancers have accomplished.

For those who do not participate in the recital, your final class for the season would be at the end of March. (You may still come to class in April as an observer at no charge.)

the recital

The Recital Cost needs to be paid by October 30, 2019 to ensure costumes can be ordered in time.

(If it is not possible to make the recital payment by this date and you would still like your child to participate in the recital, please ask Michelle about making arrangements for payments.)


1st - 8th grade combination classes
(ballet, jazz, tap)


High school classes including pointe
(per class)

Per class


Hip-hop classes

Paid once per family so if you take class in addition to hip hop or have another family member who takes dance, you do not have to pay this fee. Hip Hop students wear a costume of their own choice for the recital.

Recital Cost